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WEIXIAN is a sulphonation/sulphation technology specialized engineering company, owns a professional engineers and technicians team dedicate for feasibility research, design&engineering, turnkey plant and key equipment supply, installation, commissioning and other technical services. In the last 30 years, WEIXAIN has completed over 200+ surfactant manufacturing plants project worldwide, including a 7.5tph LAS 10tph SLES 15tph AOS plant. Products cover LABSA, SLES, SLS, AOS, HABSA, MES, Petroleum Sulfonates, Sulphonated oils, SLS 90% Needles, AOS/LAS-Na/SLS powders etc. Our technology advantages are including followings:

  • Continuous SO₃ Multitube Film Sulphonation Reactor: conducts homogeneous and complete reaction, minimize dioxane generation and raw materials consumption. Designed for 20 years + serving life.
  • Unit 79 Neutralization and Dioxane Stripping: Pioneering technology of WEIXIAN, featured in producing 70% SLES with dioxane lower than 3ppm. Comparing with competitive plants, ours has 35% more extra capacity, which means 1/3 unit power consumption decrease.
  • Unit 68 Three Stage Waste Heat Recovery: No need of external steam upon cold start-up; During normal operation, plant realizes steam and hot water self-sufficient.
  • Unit 69 Reaction heat Recovery: Compared with standard waste heat recovery process, by utilizing the reaction heat, it will generate double amount steam. The steam can be used to drive Lithium Bromide Chiller, which results in 15% power consumption saving.
  • Unit 38 Alkali Waste Water Oxidation,Evaporation and Crystalization: to realize alkali wash water ZERO discharge by utilizing waste heat air.
  • Exhaust Gas Circulation Process: Patented revolutionary technology, which has been put into use since 2020. The process reduces exhaust emission by 96%, which is a preparation for increasingly strict environmental protection regulation.
  • Vertical Static Aging Vessel, Plate-type ESP, Floating-type SO₂ Cooler, Tubular SO₃ Cooler and more...

Since 21st century, WEIXIAN is leading the innovation and progress of sulphonation/sulphation technology. WEIXIAN is the pioneer who introduced these technologies into the industry, such as above mentioned Unit 79, Unit 69, Unit 38 and Exhaust Gas Circulation Process, etc. Moreover, WEIXIAN keeps improving and perfecting the details of each key equipment, such as sulphonation reactor, LABSA aging vessel, SO₂ cooler, SO₂/SO₃ converter, electrostatic precipitator (ESP), SLES stripping tower, heat-pipe steam generator, fire-tube steam generator etc.

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